How to improve our search in Google


Computer, tablet or mobile phone with access to internet and a browser

Step  1 : Search an exact phrase

If you want to look for an exact phrase, you just need to put the phrase in quotation marks ("").

You can also use the wildcard * if you don't know all the words.

Step  3 : Narrow your search to a specific site

If you know that what you're looking for is inside a specific website, you can reduce this search using the prefix "site:" to the url of the site.

Step  4 : Specify time period

If you want your results to be related to a specific period of time, you just need to define the starting and ending years, separated by "..", like "1984...2020".

Step  6 : Look for results to math operations

You can ask google about the result of any operation. Just type in the search bar the operation you want to calculate.

Click enter and you will see the result

Step  7 : Search for definitions

Use the prefix "define:"

Step  8 : Search a type of file

If you want to specify the type of file you are loking for, you need to write the prefix "filetype:" and then the extension of the file you need (pdf, doc,...)