Scratch - Let's make some music

Step  1 : Create the scenario

  • Launch Scratch or mBlock
  • Delete the small character (scratch or panda) by right clicking and then Delete 
  • Add the background of a concert stage (like the picture on the left)

Step  2 : Add instruments

  • Choose the instruments you want to add to the scene
  • Place them on the stage as shown in the picture

Step  3 : Add sounds to your instruments

Add the sounds you like to each instrument so that they make a sound when clicked. Use your imagination, you can for example:

  • Put different notes, one after the other, so that they will play at the same time
  • Put the notes and leave a pause between them, so they will play one at a time

Step  4 : Create your own music!!

Now it's your turn to create different melodies with these and other instruments!