Paper flower

This manual activity is dedicated to children of 6yo and +. 

Create a flower by using papers, for decoration or presents.  You can also do it with a notebook with white and color sheets. 

Enjoy ! 


  • Scissors
  • 2 circles template (big and small) for tracing, or 1 compass


  • 1 thick white paper
  • 12 thin different color papers 
  • 5 felt pen
  • 1 pencil
  • 1 eraser 

Step  1 : Circles tracing

  • Take the thick white paper
  • Draw 2 circles (1 big and 1 small) with the pencil or compass
  • Don't draw them too much on the edge of the paper, but on the top corner left and on the bottom corner right

Step  2 : Papers cutting

  • Take the thin color papers 
  • Cut 6 big circles in different colors 
  • Cut 6 small circles in different colors, like the picture

Step  3 : Circles folding and sticking

  • Take the 12 circles cut out
  • Double fold each of them
  • Stick the 6 big one folded around the big circle that you drew
  • Stick the 6 small one folded around the small circle that you drew

Step  4 : Flower stem tracing

With your felt pens, draw the flowers stems ans leaves 

Step  5 : Decoration

  • Slowly erase the circles stains 
  • Decorate the flowers with small butterflies