Searching webpages and downloading pictures


A computer or a tablet connected to internet

Step  1 : Preparation

Turn on your computer or tablet and open a web browser of your choice (firefox, chrome,..)

Open a search engine (for example,

Step  2 : Chose your subject

Pick a subject you are interested in.

Write it in the text field and click search

Step  3 : Research

From the result list, select 2 webpages that talk about this subject.

Step  4 : Copy the URL

Copy the URL of both webpages on a Word document. To do that, you can, click with the right button and choose "copy link location" and  then paste it into the Word document

Step  5 : Download two pictures

Go back to the browser and select the option "Images", below the search field.

Download two pictures on the selected subject from the identified webpages by clicking with the right button and selecting "copy image" . Paste them in the same Word Document