Sending and receiving email with attachments


  • Two email accounts 
  • Two devices (computer/tablet/mobile)
  • Two groups of children, one per device

Step  1 : Preparation

Each group identifies a subject they are interested in.

Step  2 : Identify a subject you are interested in.

Each group downloads a photo on the subject and saves it on their device.

Step  3 : Open your email account

Each group opens their email account

Step  4 : One of the two groups writes an email to the second group’s account

As attachment, the first group includes the photo they've just downloaded. The content of the email should explain briefly why you selected that photo.

Notice the time it takes for the other group to receive the email.

Step  5 : Email reception from the second group

The second group receives the email and replies sending as attachment the photo they selected and explaining why they selected it.