Wolf and symmetry

Draw a wolf portrait by using symmetry 


  • A4 sheet 
  • Wolf template in another A4 sheet 
  • Pencils, red pen, set square, compass, paint and paintbrush or felt pen

Step  1 : Use your template

  • Put the wolf template on the A4 sheet
  • With your ruler and your red pen, draw over the lines . It will create marks on your A4 sheet. 

Step  2 : Creating the wolf's left part of the face

In your A4 sheet, draw over the marks with your pencil. 

The wolf's left part of the face will appear.

Step  3 : Creating the wolf's right part of the face

Take the template, turn it over and place it in symmetry. 

Only mark the intersection points.

Then,  link the points between each other by using the symmetry axis as point of reference.

Step  4 : Color the muzzle and the eyes and finish your wolf

Color the muzzle and the eyes with black felt tip pen. 

Choose a color and use the same one for the "pieces" of the wolf which are symmetrical.

Draw over the lines again with a large black felt pen.